Silent Stepper Motor Motorized Timelapse Slider for Electric Control Follow Focus Interviews Shooting

Motorized Timelapse Slider Aluminum DSLR Camera Stepper Motor Sliders Dolly Track Rail for Electric Control Delay Photography Video Stabilization

  • Motorized timelapse slider :Load Bearing:16kg(Horizon)/6kg(Vertical). Electric control delay slider made of Precision aluminium alloy, and with carrying case. All the parts of this slider are machined with CNC technology from the highest grade materials. It is wear resistant, durable.

  • ▶This time lapse slider convenient to use without installation; Standalone use or mounted on a tripod; The camera slider With 1/4" and 3/8", can be installed on the tripod, achieving good stabilization and safety

  • ▶The camera rail track applies to any movie camera, Time-lapse Photography, video camera, digital camera and other photography equipment.

  • ▶When you slip your camera, the camera lens will move according to your adjustment. So to make the background and the secret subject staggered movement, and to create an impression of space.Besides, the parallax can achieve a smooth scene, you just need to move the camera to one side and adjust the lens. If you move the slider up and down on tripod. Then, you can take even more beautiful photos.

  • ▶After the sliders with all fittings are installed, you can set video mode, time lapse mode or make time-lapse shooting shutter setup by the controller. Support your camera for video recording,time-lapse photography stably and smoothly.

Camera Slider